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PVD Promise is a parent-driven partnership that supports Providence Public School and Charter School students to continue their education after high-school​.


Providence Promise promotes high educational aspirations and more equitable opportunities for Providence Public School and Charter School students by advocating for college savings accounts and family engagement, increasing financial literacy, and reducing the financial burden of higher education.


To increase the K-12 and postsecondary success of Providence Public School and Charter School students and to help ensure a brighter future for the students, their families, and the community.

"I believe that education is the great equalizer! It is the best way to narrow the income and wealth gap between the white community and communities of color! Providence Promise is an important part of the solution."

- Jim Vincent, Former President of the NAACP Providence

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How it Works

PVD Promise has established a multi-prong approach to combat the multitude of structural barriers to post-secondary education, especially for marginalized families. Its backbone, the opening of a College Savings Account (CSA), offers a pathway for families to assist their children in achieving and financing their education beyond high school. PVD Promise functions in three primary capacities to support families and youth...



Parents/guardians enroll their children as early as birth. Upon enrolling, PVD Promise works with families to open a 529 CSA for each of their children. As a part of this initial step, PVD Promise ensures that families are and feel fully informed of the process and associated benefits. Additionally, families commit about 1% of their annual income to each CSA, monthly.



As a part of the Early Scholarship Program, PVD Promise funds $100 to each new CSA. Youth and families then have the opportunity to earn additional contributions to CSAs for their participation in incentivized activities. There are a multitude of ways that incentives can be earned. For youth, this may include achieving academic goals, partaking in extracurricular activities, or completing a book report. For families, this may include attending parent-teacher conferences, participating in financial literacy workshops, or learning about their education rights. The students and their families can earn up to $250 monthly for each student's CSA.



PVD Promise offers additional programming to further foster its relationships with youth and families. Youth and Family Engagement Programs include workshops, events and resources that promote access to opportunity and college preparedness. PVD Promise hosts 2 to 4 activities per week that build community and share relevant resources and information, including financial literacy workshops and college access training. Programming is informed by the Youth and Parent Councils, intentional channels created by PVD Promise for deeper feedback and collaboration. The goals of these programs are to equip students with the tools and resources they need to be successful and empower families to be advocates for their child's education. PVD Promise works with each student and their family to identify the higher education choices that best fit the needs and goals of each child. New in 2022, the Family Champions Program offers a compensated opportunity for families to promote recruitment efforts within their network and school community. 

Want to learn more? Review our (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions for more information or contact us today!

Our Team

Meet our staff and board of directors.

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Who Can Enroll?

Students in the Providence Public School system or in a Providence charter school from kindergarten through the ninth grade are eligible to enroll in PVD Promise. However, children in Providence are eligible to enroll in PVD Promise as early as birth, so if you live in Providence and your child is not yet old enough for school, you can enroll! We hope you'll join our growing community today.


 Questions? Contact us!

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"... first of all, I can get money for college, second of all, it unites my family more and more, and third of all everybody has fun!"

- Sofia, Age 9

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