Our Promise to Families

Your Child's Success is Our Primary Focus

We understand that for many families the cost of tuition, room and board, required fees, and books is the biggest obstacle to pursuing a higher education, as oftentimes the amount of scholarships, grants and other financial aid received is simply not enough to cover all costs.

Providence Promise can help your child attend a college, trade school, or technical school of his or her choice by filling the financial gap between the total cost of attendance at the school your child chooses to attend and any funding your child receives.

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Commitment from Your Local Community 

Providence Promise is a community effort that brings together students, families, the City of Providence, the Providence School Department, the Teachers Union, and many of the City’s residents, businesses, and institutions. Over 200 communities across the United States have active Promise Programs, including New Haven, Hartford, Kalamazoo, and Pittsburgh. These programs are all different in design, but they share a common goal: to make higher education more accessible for students.


“I support the Providence Promise and am committed to working with you to build it in the coming months and years so it can begin benefiting our students and families.”
— Jorge O. Elorza, Mayor of Providence